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Chubby Bunny
, aka Michelle Nguyen , makes accessories that are cute, daring, and a little bit tubby. Fat and cute, Chubby Bunny bows are aesthetically adorable and fashionable all at once. Chubby Bunny also creates the officially-licensed, quintessential “Hello Kitty Bow,” made in conjunction with Sanrio.

Born in Pittsburgh, Michelle graduated from Penn State University, then worked in Japan for three years, and traveled throughout Asia before arriving in Los Angeles. Having written extensively on fashion in both the U.S. and Japan, Michelle acted as an editor of the English language version of “Gothic & Lolita Bible” magazine, which focused on Japanese street culture.

She has moved on to creating her own original clothing and accessories under the moniker “I am Chubby Bunny,” with items that are heavily influenced by the Japanese culture she experienced while living abroad. Michelle also works as a freelance consultant for retail window design, visual merchendising, lifestyle presentation, brand imaging, editorial styling, and product design. Michelle also co-owns the event production company, Bubble Punch.

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